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Let me help you win your prospects over with compelling user stories

Do any of these growth-restricting challenges sound familiar?

You're losing customers to your competitors

You keep seeing your potential clients choose your competitors who can better showcase their value through real-world examples.

You're struggling to justify your pricing as an investment

When clients question your rates, you lack concrete examples of ROI and value that would justify your premium pricing

Your sales cycles are dragging on

You're stuck in lengthy sales processes because prospects can't quickly grasp how your solution applies to their specific situation

Your complex solutions aren't clicking with prospects

you can't translate your technical features into clear, relatable benefits that resonate with potential clients

Then you need to start creating compelling customer stories
There are valuable customer experiences hidden within your organization, depriving you of powerful marketing assets.

Your product is unique to each customer

Every customer's journey is unique. Each client discovers and uses your product in ways that are specific to their needs, challenges, and goals. By sharing these customer stories and case studies, you highlight the versatility of your product and demonstrate real-world value to potential clients.

Build credibility

Showcase how your product features solve specific customer problems to provide concrete evidence of your product's effectiveness, building trust with potential clients.

Speed up conversions

Detailed user stories help potential customers envision how your product or service could benefit their own business and understand the practical benefits of your product.

Showcase versatility

Diverse case studies demonstrate how your product adapts to various industry needs and challenges.

Drive engagement

Compelling customer narratives capture attention and encourage deeper interaction with your brand, driving up engagement for your overall content

Turn your product features into compelling narratives that drive revenue


Intro and discovery call

During this call, we establish your goals for creating case studies and go through your existing customer stories (if any). After aligning with your project requirements, you will get a proposal and quote, a FREE document containing a case study interview template, and interview request email templates


Interviews and data gathering


The process in this stage depends on the project scope and process discussed in the discovery call.

Crafting the stories

At this stage, I am focused on bringing out the uniqueness and authenticity of each story, emphasizing the transformational journey from challenge to success. My writing style blends creativity and professionalism, emotions and logic, ensuring that the case study aligns seamlessly with your brand's tone and messaging.


Review, publish, and track

Your customer stories are live! The insights are rolling in! Sales cycles are getting shorter, leads are getting hotter, organic lead generation is easier and faster.


Hi there, I'm Maryam Oseni

Throughout my career, I focused on creating product-led content strategies and actionable content to drive leads for SaaS companies. Now, I write about the leads who turned into customers and share their customer journey stories to drive more growth. With these stories, I help companies position their product features in multiple ways to diverse personas.

When I am not interviewing customers or writing case studies, I am mentoring other B2B SaaS freelance writers who are trying to better their craft.

Meredith Kucherov, Senior Content Strategist

“Maryam is a skilled content marketer and a delight to work with. She is a strategic thinker that knows how to integrate content into overarching business goals. When I worked with Maryam as her supervisor, I was confident leaving key clients in her hands, and she excelled in strategy, communication, and in her writing abilities. She was quickly promoted to a senior role. I would gladly work with her again."

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For the third year in a row, SaaS marketers ranked user stories as the #1 most effective marketing tactic to increase sales—ahead of the general website content, SEO, blog posts, social media, paid ads, and other tactics.
I think they are on to something :)

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